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Gaza Factions Warn Israel After 4 Palestinians Martyred

GAZA: Palestinian armed groups warned on Saturday that they will reconsider an Egyptian-brokered calm understanding reached with Israel after Israeli soldiers shot dead four Palestinians in eastern Gaza on Friday.

The armed groups, including Hamas movement, the Islamic Jihad, the Popular Front (PFLP), the Democratic Front (DFLP) and the Popular Resistance Committees, are members in the joint chamber of military operations recently formed in the Gaza Strip.

They said in a joint press statement that the Palestinian factions “are in a status of consultation and they will issue their final position within the coming 24 hours to decide its policy towards the repression of the Israeli occupation and its crimes.”

On Friday, as hundreds of Palestinian demonstrators joined the 39th “Marches of Return” in eastern Gaza Strip close to the border with Israel, four Palestinian civilians were killed and 40 wounded by Israeli soldiers’ gunfire.

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Friday’s marches were more violent this time although a calm understanding had been brokered by Egypt, the United Nations and Qatar, where Israel agreed to ease the deteriorating humanitarian situation in Gaza for calming down protests.

Demonstrators stopped releasing arson balloons, burning tires and vandalizing the barbed wire of the fence of the border after Israel agreed to ease the hard living situation in Gaza.

Earlier on Saturday, Hamas chief, Ismail Haniyeh, unveiled to reporters that Hamas is holding contacts with the three mediators to bear responsibility after the Israeli army shot dead four Palestinians on Friday near the fence of the border.