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Indonesian villager digs out son barehanded from quake-collapsed house

An Indonesian villager dug out his son barehanded from the rubble of his house that was collapsed by Sunday’s 6.4-magnitude earthquake on the island of Lombok.

The villager, Adi, said his son was sleeping in the house while he and his wife were outside when the quake occurred.

“I was outside the house when the quake occurred and my wife was also outside. But my child was still sleeping in the house. I was on my way to the workplace when the earthquake struck. I immediately rushed back home as I remembered that my child was sleeping in the room. But I came back only to find my son buried under the rubble of the collapsed house,” said Adi.

Then he dug into the rubble barehanded and about 10 minutes later, he found his son.

“I just used my hands. I dug out my kid barehanded without using any tool,” he said, adding that his son suffered slight injury on his head.

His wife called for help while he was rescuing the son.

“I immediately called others for help, as I was afraid that my son might be killed under the collapsed house. I kept shouting ‘Help! My son was buried under the house!’” recalled his wife.

The family is living in a shelter near a school, waiting for quick relief from the government.

The Indonesian government has planned to provide funds for families whose houses were damaged by the earthquake.

Sunday’s quake has so far left 16 people dead, 335 others injured, and forced 5,141 people to flee homes as the jolts have destroyed over 1,000 houses and buildings in the Lombok Timur district, the hardest-hit area, and the Lombok Utara district of West Nusa Tenggara province, according to spokesman of the national disaster management agency Sutopo Purwo Nugroho.

Indonesia is prone to quakes as it lies on a vulnerable area known as the Pacific Ring of Fire.