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Wastage of water, Sindh government is sleeping – by Abida Gohar

More than 6 months ago I’ve been seeing wastage of clean water for hours in Gulistan-e-Jauhar Block 16 at times in the morning and sometimes in the evening.

Common men are dying because of scarcity of water and this problem is not going to improve, instead it would increase if not any action will be taken by Sindh government.

I want to draw attention of Sindh government towards this big issue who just believes in politics of words and not doing any action. There’s some pipeline damaged people nearby say so.

What are the troubles faced by laymen, political leaders don’t know amid the luxuries they are dwelling in. In order to succeed, Sindh government must not only listen to people’s problems, also solve them otherwise their leadership and political campaigns would be in the dead water.