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Another factory sealed for making counterfeit medicines

MULTAN: On Saturday, another company was sealed for making counterfeit medicines in Multan.

The initiatives were carried out by Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif’s Task Force accompanied with Police officials.

The factory was located in Shah Shamas Colony, Multan.

During the operation the team has recovered raw processing materials, fake medicines and machinery worth of millions.

The medicines were included pain-killers, syrups and other medicines that were supposed to supplied in different areas of Punjab.

The time operation team reached, there were only three workers who are now in custody.

The factory was producing fake medicines for three years and has never been tracked all this time.

The Ministry of Health has issued the strict directives to crackdown the places without showing any tolerance where menace counterfeit medicines are being produces.

in the month on December 2016, this is the third crackdown against the factories making counterfeit medicines.

On December 3, there was a factory sealed in Multan and on December 15 police shut Afzal Factory located in industrial area of North Karachi.