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Junaid Jamshaid son tells secrets of his father’s life

Tehmoor Junaid, the younger son of the renowned Islamic scholar and former singer, Junaid Jamshaid told the secret of his father life in a talk to a local TV channel.

He began his talk with expressing his gratitude not only to the People of Pakistan but to  all of those who live all across the world, the armed forces who sympathized with their family and shared their grief.

He said, “Papa always cared for everyone and had enchanted personality to make people his friend, no matter where he was or who the person is, either he was travelling in a train or on a plane.”

Tehmoor envied his father that how he was capable to mesmerize people with his personality.

He shared that, he was in touch with every single person he was acquainted with, no matter where that person was living either in Pakistan or overseas. When people where gathered for condolences, they showed Junaid’s messages to his son that how much he cared for them.

Tehmoor found himself out of words to describe his father’s life and attitude towards life that he was a “ever loving person”.

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