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Indian Muslim soldiers cannot grow beard

The Supreme Court of India enforced new code of discipline of Indian Air Force on Thursday that no Muslim is allowed to grow beard on the basis of religion.

Further it stated that, banning beard by federal government does not violate the basics human rights.

In 2008, a Muslim airman Ansari Ahmed in Indian Air Force lost his job when he grew beard without permission of his commanding officer. In his defense, Ansari argued that growing beard is a basic human and religious right.

Moreover, he gave example of Sikhs who are not only allowed to grow beard but also wear turban. Ansari persisted that he deserve some rights.

Muhammad Zubair, another officer, dismissed from the service on the same charges.

Ansari and Zubair championed the military court order in Delhi High Court. But, the court’s one-membered bench and later its divisional bench rejected their application, which made them to take their plea to Supreme Court of India to seek justice.

But circumstances did not changed and Supreme Court emphasized on to revise the military discipline over religious rights.