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How to use free Facebook with photos on Zong and Telenor?

The people who are so desperate to use Facebook but can’t afford a data bundle (either daily, weekly or monthly) but still want to use free Facebook. Cellular services have given them a soother of free Facebook so they don’t cry.

They must get irritated sometimes that they can’t see the photos while keep on scrolling.

But here are simple and easy-to-follow steps by following them you can use you free Facebook in colors only on Zong and Telenor, means you can see the images as well without paying a single penny. We are sorry for the users who are not the users of mentiones cellular networks.

Step 1: Install Facebook Lite’s latest version

Go to Playstore to download the app, it will take around 1.5mb data to download

Step 2: Run the app and log into your account

Just enter your email or mobile number and password

Step 3: At the top of you your top you can see

Use free Facebook with images on Zong and Telenor |

So you can’t see any photos on Facebook

Step 4: go to setting and change your font size to small

Follow these steps

Go to Setting > Display > Font > Font size > select “small”

 Step 5: Now go to News Feed

Enjoy free Facebook with images on Facebook Lite