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Police sealed factory producing counterfeit medicines

KARACHI: The Ministry of Health Services inspection team with the collaboration of Sindh Police carried out raid a company, Afzal Laboratory located in the industrial are of North Karachi, suspected of manufacturing counterfeit medicines.

The company was reported to be producing fake medicines and supplying them into various cities of Pakistan through petty medicine distribution agencies.

The team has seized a heavy amount of counterfeit drugs which were ready to dispatch, the processing material and packaging material.

 The crackdown is a part of the orders, issued by Saira Afzal Tarar, the Minister for National Health Services.

 The Ministry for National Health Services has launched a crackdown against illegal manufacturing of drugs to arrest the menace of spurious and non-licensed drugs and manufacturing units.

Minister for National Health Services has asked the Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) to show a zero tolerance for fake medicines and the people who are behind it.

The fake drugs producers are playing with the life of innocent people and in no position to receive any leniency, in order to eradicate the menace and safeguard health of the people.

The DRAP is takin strict actions against the offenders of drug laws with being influenced, and initiated the a new operation with the collaboration of Provincial Governments in order to root out the falsify and substandard drugs from the country.

DRAP teams’ effort were appreciated by Minister for National Health Services to unearth these heinous crimes and violations of drug laws whether allopathic drugs or herbal or health any products.