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Islam will be dominant religion in USA in fifteen years

According to the German news agency, in fifteen years of time Islam will be the most dominant religion of the United States.

Currently the total population of USA is 320 million will the Muslim population in the country is 3.3 million, which makes Muslims 1 % of the whole population.

It is expected that American Muslims population will be twice in the year 2050. On the other hand it will become the second most adopted religion in 2040. In this manner the numbers of Muslims will surpass the population of Jews in US in just fifteen years.

According to Pew Research Center, there are 5.7 million Jews and 2.1 million Hindus living in America.

According to another survey, the second most illiterate people in the United States are Muslims, while Jews are not included in the list of most illiterate people.

Another study by Pew Research Center suggested that Islam is the fastest spreading religion in the region especially in females, than Christianity, Judaism and Hinduism.

the reports also provided the map of states according to the Muslim population in all the states, in which New Jersey have the largest population of Muslims.

It is revealed in the report that after 2007, a large number of Muslims refugees entered the country which is a considered to be the major cause of increase in Muslim population.

The most interesting fact in the report was that 1 out of every 5 Muslims is a convert.