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Counseling Camp at NUST-C3A

Everyone has a sense of how to be happy or contented in his or her own way. Eventually that helps the person to maintain his psychological and emotional health. At times, due to the busy life schedules and pressures of daily living, people restrain themselves from happiness. Being mindful about the importance of emotional wellbeing; Centre for Counseling and Career advisory (C3A), NUST organized a Counseling Camp for students, faculty and staff. One of the key objectives was to raise awareness about mental health and ways to reduce self-created stressors from one’s lives.

The Camp was inclusive of different activities such as Signature analysis, on the spot Counseling, Career Counseling, Testing and Self-hypnosis. Students showed interest in signature analysis and testing specifically personality and emotional assessment.

There was also arrangement for providing guidance to students on how to avail different scholarships which was found quite informative as stated by students. The counseling camp provided a holistic approach where both students and NUST faculty could find different kinds of activities related to their mental health at one platform.

NUST faculty members and Officers also participated in this activity and appreciated the work of C3A for spreading awareness regarding importance of mental health in NUST community.