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Amir Khan warns his wife and parents

The world champion boxer, Amir Khan, now changed his tone and firmly warned his wife and parents on the social media website Snapchat and Twitter, to stop creating the scene and resolve the domestic issues by themselves.

The Snapchat post which Amir shared on Twitter, says, the disagreement between this wife and parents should be settled soon. Otherwise, they will lose a son and a husband.

He said he respects both, his parents and his wife, and want them to settle the issue as soon as possible.


Previously, Amir’s parents countered claims by Amir’s wife, Faryal Makhdoom. They said they asked her to stop wearing the dresses which do not comply with the Islamic dress code and refuse the claims of physical abuse.

His parents said Faryal made an issue when their son bought a new house.

They stated that they could never think of beating their child’s wife. However, they indicated that they did ask her not to wear dresses which are not according to the Islamic dress codes.