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Saba Qamar got married in India?

LAHORE: Has Saba Qamar got married in India? The question has been making rounds on social media platforms.

Renowned TV actress, who is all set to make her Bollywood entry opposite versatile actor Irrfan Khan, is now making headlines for her alleged marriage in India.

Saba Qamar is starring in the movie ‘Hindi Medium’ opposite Irrfan Khan.

The buzz started when, at a promotional event in Mumbai, the media began to pour questions before Irrfan whether a Pakistani actress (saba Qamar) would appear in the movie, given that Pakistani artists are banned from working in Indian films following the Uri attacks.

In a witty move to avoid being misquoted on the issue, Irrfan jokingly said that the actress is now married to an Indian (in the movie) and hence technically is now an Indian.

While the press understood the joke it was somehow made into breaking headlines in Pakistan leaving the actor completely amused.

 Not just that, but the actor’s joke also landed Saba in some serious trouble. She has been receiving lot of death threats as some people in Pakistan think that she has married an Indian.

A little birdie informs us, “Irrfan joked about the situation so that he doesn’t get misquoted. But he didn’t know that his remark will land Saba in trouble. She has been receiving death threats now and people are actually believing that Saba has married an Indian.”

Watch what Irrfan Khan told media about Saba Qamar’s marriage