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Google refuses to remove Holocaust denying content

The world’s number one and the largest search engine Google has clearly denounce to take down the Holocaust-denying content from its search results.

If you google “did Holocaust happened” the number one result that you come across will be “Top 10 reasons why the Holocaust didn’t happen” from the website Stormfront.

The article has stir unrest in many international circles specially on social media websites (eg. Facebook, Twitter etc.). By reading the article it occurs, the writer is unfamiliar with history or attempting to plant a conspiracy theory.

However, Google’s spokesperson says the company cannot do anything manipulate the search results; it will remain as it is.

We are saddened to see that hate organizations still exist. The fact that hate sites appear in Search results does not mean that Google endorses these views,” said the spokesperson in a statement quoted by Fortune.

We do not remove content from our search results, except in very limited cases such as illegal content, malware and violations of our webmaster guidelines,” the spokesperson said.

Shoah is another word for Holocaust, from the Modern Hebrew which means “catastrophe”. Holocaust was genocide in which Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany and its collaborators killed about six million Jews by burning them in steam chembers.