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Eiffel Tower shuts down due to workers strike

The world famous landmark Eiffel Tower’s workers concerned over a paint job and going on a strike on Tuesday, which is the third stoppage at the monument in six months period.

Unions, which representing the 300 workers, said they called the strike over the “deliberate absence of transparency” on key decisions relating to the functioning of the tower.

Denis Vavassori , the spokesman for the hard-left CGT union said employees were particularly worried about a paint stripping operation planned ahead of a new paint job in 2017.

“The monument is in an obvious state of disrepair,” he said, warning of the “health risks” to staff from what he called a “botched” operation.

The strike disappointed the thousands of visitors and tourist who came to see the great monument erecting 1,063-feet from the ground.

SETE, the tower’s operator confirmed the recent closure was caused by a labour dispute.

“Discussions are taking place between management and workers’ representatives,” SETE said, adding it regretted the inconvenience to visitors.

The dispute is the third in six months with staff having already walked off the job twice in June, during the Euro football championship hosted by France.

Those strikes were about unjust labour reforms pushed through parliament by the Socialist government.

Those strike cause millions of dollars to the government as there were seven million visitors who bought the ticket to the Eiffel Tower and 80 percent of them were tourist.

In winter the tower is visited by 6,000 people while these numbers increase many folds in the summer.