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ATR’s own investigation team reaches crash site

ABOTTABAD: The French ATR aircraft’s manufacturing company sent their own investigation team to figure out the reasons of the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight PK-661. The team has visited to the crash site, the mountainous area of Havelian.

The team consists of nine members, three officers are from Canada and three investigations officer belonged to France the officers are from the French ATR aircraft manufacturer and American Aerospace Company, Pratt and Whitney.

The other three officers are from Pakistan who are taking part in the investigation of the crashed plane. The officers are from the Aviation’s division Safety Investigation Board (SIB).
The investigation team started investigating by taking the accounts of the eye-witnesses of the crash and the rescue team who reached the site in the first place.

The foreign investigation team will gather the evidences from the crash site and take them to France to explain what caused the crash.

Before the arrival of the foreign investigation team, Captain Sultan form an investigation team consist of 10 members of Pakistan Air Force investigation offices, who also visited the site and collected various objects as evidence.