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PIA attempted to bribe deceased pilot family

RAWALPINDI – Ahmad Janjua, the First Officer, who died in the crash of flight PK-661, Pakistan International Airline (PIA) is compelling his family to take their claims back that the crashed plane had already some technical issues, according to the statements by hi family.

The mother of Ahmed Janjua told the local channel that the PIA’s authorities have warned them not to take any legal actions against the authorities for operating a faulty planes, and putting every single person’s life at risk.

“They tried to intimidate us by the use of force and sometimes in the form of bribe,” one of his family said in to a local TV channel interview.

The other claim that Janjua’s family make is, Ahmed had strong suspicion regarding PK-661 that the plane was ill-suited to fly, carrying lives on board. “Many a time, engineers were not even allowed to fix the engine problems, they had to persuade the seniors to let them fix the technical faults.”