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Indian Major Gn. molests female officer

NEW DELHI: An Indian army major general allegedly molested a female officer at his residence, reported the Indian media.

The News Daily posted, the major general as the inspector general of Assam Rifles’ Northern Zone.

He called the captain (female officer) at his residence to discuss the matter of court martial of another staff member, where he attempted to take advantage of solitary. The incident took place on October 19.

“After the major general was done with the official work, he allegedly asked the captain to give him a parting kiss and forced himself on her to kiss her on cheeks and lips,” the victim told Mail Today.

The paper confirmed the incident occurred and the accused officer is facing investigations.

The major general and his wife tried to seek the apology of the complainant and requested her to withdraw her complaint about “it would spoil his career of over 30 years in the army”.

The female officer turns their request down and gives his fate into the court’s hands.