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Over 1000 people attack Ahmadi worship place in Chakwal

LAHORE: More than 1,000 people participating in an Eid Miladun Nabi (saw) procession, ended up attacking an Ahmadi worship place in Chakwal.

The violence took place in the limits of the Chowas Saidan Shah police station area in Chakwal’s Dolmial district.

According to Express Tribune, the charged attackers were said to be looking for Ahmadis to harm them.

“Nearly 1000 persons have attacked our Baitulzikar in Dolmial, district Chakwal,” Saleem ud Din, a spokesman of Jamaat Ahmadiyya Pakistan, tweeted.  The mob, he said, was throwing stones and firing on the premises.

However, te local police is said to have taken control of the situation and the mob was dispersed.  There are no reports of any casualties in the incident.

The Government of Punjab said it was “following up” on the Chakwal incident.


“Punjab Home Department is following up Chakwal incident. The local admin and police are at the spot and handling the situation,” a statement said.