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Yet another black Friday in Pakistan – by Rafia Malik

As long as the sales and discounts are up to the expectations of the customer who cares either the Friday is black or white. People are more interested in looking for the discount that is being offered and less on the adjective being used with Friday. The price tag appeals them more than the tagline being used. The phenomenon of black Friday primarily emerged from US that is celebrated after thanks giving day but now we can see its growing roots in Pakistan. And why not?

Up to 50% off or flat 30% off…  Oh Really? You mean “clearance sale”.

These tactics and catchy words are used to attract the customers towards their brand. That even if they don’t want to buy anything they are forced to get out of their homes to the stores because of their curiosity. Just before the previous year there was no black Friday in Pakistan. The initiative of black Friday was however taken by online stores primarily by marking the history of black Friday sales in Pakistan. One of the most significant sales of this year as well as of previous year was by where they offered up to 70% off on wide range of their products. It was the most phenomenal sales in Pakistan by online stores where the big brands like Dawlance and Kenwood collaborated with Daraz for the first time. However there were certain setbacks of that sale as it was not up to the customer expectations and they faced issues like server down. But now as compare to previous year we can see significant hype in the trend of black Friday sales not only on online stores but on the retail stores as well. More or less it a bandwagon affect where every brand tries to move ahead the other or at least with them. Most of the people in Pakistan are even unaware about the concept of black Friday or are least bothered given that they get to shop at 50% off.

Many brands tried to play around the words being both smart and diplomatic by calling it white Friday as Friday is considered to be a sacred day by Muslims and can’t be called as black. Black Friday sales are now one of the biggest and most awaited sales of the year in Pakistan.  Just by the start of the black Friday week one is bombarded with text messages on their cells phones and their newsfeed get attacked by different brands and stores regarding their discounts and sales being offered. No matter if it’s black or white Friday we love to hear about it. You buy something or not but it gives you excitement.

Rafia Malik doing her MBA from Bahria University Islamabad. She loves traveling and sharing her experiences with others. Rafia is a keen observer and a good listener.