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5 reasons to avoid buying apartment in LifeStyle Residency G-13 Islamabad by FGEHF & EHFPRO

ISLAMABAD: There is a lot of perceptional buzz about Federal Government Employees Housing Foundation’s (FGEHF) mega project along with EHFPRO by the name of Lifestyle Residency Apartments in Sector G-13 Islamabad.

A project where 75% of total 2781 apartment in five different categories of A, B, C, D and E for Federal Government current and former employees while only 25& reserved for general public.

LifeStyle Residency Location while visited ground for the facts check finds very dangerous things, these are not part of any official or non-official communication but at the same time no one from the government or private sectors ready to reveal this truth to current or potential buyers.

FGEHF claimed that the housing scheme would be a luxury apartments project offer all living facilities to the residents at the most prime location of Islamabad Zone 1.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Must Avoid to Buy Any Apartment in Lifestyle Residency


G 13 is facing a serious problem of water shortage. The sector has the lowest water level in the city as stated in initial feasibility reports. There is only one functional tube well to provide water to more than 7000 households in the sector. Alternative arrangement to resolve water shortage already failed as you have to wake up at 3am and go to lodge a complaint, if you succeed to become one of first 50 complainants, there could be a chance that you will avail a small water tanker on the same day, but if you are 51 or above then you have to come next day to avail subsidised Rs.400 water truck. Else you have to buy it privately which costs you Rs. 1000-15000.

Small wells constructed by the residents already dried due to low water level, these can be only uses if the capital receives good amount of rain continuously. But in an apartment project not a single resident can build tube well or attempt to avail water tanker due to centralised water distribution system.

In this severe water crises condition, if 2781 more households will be added in the sector, there is not a single option to fulfil their need of water.


As few other parts of Islamabad, G13 is also badly affected with gas load-shedding or low pressure which can’t be enough to use in the kitchen. After this miserable situation availing hot water in chilling winters of Islamabad became the luxury for the residents of G13.

SNGPL, govt body to distribute gas in northern parts of the country, is not giving new gas connections in any apartment projects. There are many private and public sector apartments in G11 and other areas where no chance of gas provision in the near future. This situation could badly impact the new project and its owners to avail natural gas connection for their apartments in LifeStyle residency.


G-13 is still without Markaz, a central market area where one fulfil home shopping need. There are only 4-5 mini markets for 7500 households. People who reside in G-13 go to other sectors or primary markets of Islamabad for their shopping needs. There is still no answer that by adding more than 2700 apartments in LifeStyle Residency who and how will provide shopping facilities for residents.


There is an intense conflict between Capital Development Authority (CDA) and Federal Government Employees Housing Foundation (FGEHF) to take over the administrative and financial control of the sector. This conflict was causing lack of attention and resulting absence of facilities to the residents.


There is not a single public sector school and college for the residents of G-13, though few private sector schools trying to provide education services but these are even not able to handle the current need.

Lifestyle Residency G13 Flats Quota
It is worth mentioning here that as compare to other residential areas in Islamabad, G-13 is a newly developed sector and where there is a lot of demand and potential for such luxurious residential projects but only for those who have mussels to commit and then deliver.

According to’s correspondent from the Islamabad, as per announced plan, there will be 14 storeys tall apartment buildings in Lifestyle Residency with three storeys reserved for basement car parking.

Prices of Apartments in Lifestyle Residency G-13 Islamabad

LIfestyle Residency Apartments Prices

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