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Samsung updates to kill the rest Note 7 in US

Samsung appreciated the US customers’ participation in the US refund and exchange program for the Galaxy Note 7 smartphones, “with more than 93 percent of all recalled devices returned.”

Samsung further mention that it is issuing an even more severe update to make the Note 7 users to return the device.

The distribution of update will commence on December, that will not allow the device to charge and connect it to the cellular services, not even to emergency services. The software update will roll out over 30 days.

Earlier in September, Samsung issued an update which limited the battery charging capacity to 60 percent so it would not go off.

In an statement Samsung said,

“Together with our carrier partners, we will be notifying consumers through multiple touchpoints to encourage any remaining Galaxy Note 7 owners to participate in the program and to take advantage of the financial incentives available.”

Samsung has recalled the devices earlier this year as there were some incidents of Note 7 catching on fire because of battery malfunction.

The company is encouraging the users, who has not yet returned the device to contact their carrier and receive their refund or exchange. Samsung has also permanently stopped the  production of Note 7.

US leading mobile carrier Verizon has not decided to release the updates keeping the safety issues in sight, this is the statement they released;

“Verizon will not be taking part in this update because of the added risk this could pose to Galaxy Note 7 users that do not have another device to switch to,” the statement read. “We will not push a software upgrade that will eliminate the ability for the Note 7 to work as a mobile device in the heart of the holiday travel season. We do not want to make it impossible to contact family, first responders or medical professionals in an emergency situation.”

Samsung said in response to Verizon’s plans that “this software update is intended to remove the remaining Note 7 devices from the market to ensure the safety of our customers.”

The other major carriers in the US – T-Mobile, AT&T and Sprint – confirmed that they plan to release update. T-Mobile will launch its update to users on December 27, AT&T on January 5 and Sprint on January 8.

Around the world the users are keep on using their Note 7 devices while the risk of its explosion is still intact.