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Michigan: The autonomous cars reality now

The wait is finally over; the autonomous cars (self-driving or driverless cars) have finally hit the road. Michigan is the first ever state in US where autonomous cars will be the part of everyday traffic.

Michigan has taken the lead in the driverless car race.

The state governor rick Snyder just signed a bill that would allow the operation and eventual sale of autonomous vehicles.

While other states including Nevada and California already has already allowed for the testing and operation, but Michigan is first to make it legal to have them on the road without a driver behind the wheel (or steering wheel)

But the state is not going to take the credit of this achievement, it had a little help from some of its automotive friends who already had card in self-driving game.

General Motors, Ford, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Google, Toyota, Uber and Lyft are all set to have contributed to make sure the bill actually did something impactful and even industry input. There may be a few players feeling a bit left out.

The law states that the companies like Apple, Google and Uber who may be working on their own prototypes or the technology for these prototypes, will only be included if the company’s work with a vehicle manufacturer, and it complies with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Lyft has already announced the partnership with General Motors  to roll out a fleet of self-driving Chevy Volt electric vehicles.

While, Ford plans to sell thousands of autonomous vehicles for ride sharing purposes starting in 2021.

The law has said to go into effect immediately, so Michigan will officially become the nation’s first ever testing ground to see if these cars actually make the road safer.