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Prices of laptops, smartphones going to hike soon!

As the users of the electronic devices are increasing day by day and joining the social media world, their storage need is getting bigger day by day to save the photos they capture, the videos they record, the movies they watch and the music they listen to.

SSDs are taking over the conventional HDDs (yes, those hard disk with motor and magnetic disks), for they use the similar memory chips used in flash drives and are many times faster.

The prices of storage devices and the gadgets (including laptops, smartphones and Desktop PCs) are going to rise around 6 to 9 percent in the fourth quarter of this year.

It is expected that the HDDs and SSDs will go short in supply and as a result, customers will have to pay higher prices around 20 percent.

The demand of SSD became stronger in 2013 and its low prices, and state of the art technology tempted the user to go for it and preferred it over HDD.

Samsung is considered to be the cause of the higher price of the storage devices because of the 2.2 million Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones recall.

It means 2.2 million NAND storage (which means billions of gigabytes) are going to waste just because of malfunction of the battery.

Samsung is the largest producer of the SSDs and producing 44.5% to fulfill the need of the market and consumers.

According to DRAMeXchanege’s statistics, 30% of laptop imported in 2016 had SSD under their hood, and this will go up to 50 in the third quarter of 2017. Thirteen % of desktop PCs will be equipped with SSD rather than HDD.

If we take a quick look at the HDDs sale, there has been 15% increase in the demand which has never been observed in the last seven years.

As a result, this will cause a bump up in the price of laptops and desktop PCs, and the handheld devices such as tablets and smartphone especially the devices with 64/128/256GB on board storage.