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Video: Here’s how the Kaaba looks like from inside

MAKKAH: Holy Kaaba — the most sacred site in Islam is a square-shaped structure standing in the middle of Saudi Arabia’s city Makkah’s grand mosque known as Masjid Al-Haram.

Kaaba is considered the ‘House of Allah’, Muslims from all over the world turn towards it when praying. But have you ever wondered what it looks like from the inside?

The area, that doesn’t exceed 180 square metres, contains three wooden columns which hold the Kaaba’s ceiling.

Over 1,350 years old, each of the dark brown columns has a perimeter of around 150 centimetres with a 44-centimetre diameter.

Each column has a square wooden base. Between the three columns is a pillar from which the Kaaba’s gifts are suspended.

This pillar passes through all the columns and its sides extend to the northern and southern walls. Here we look at what the Kaaba looks like from the inside.

INSIDE VIDEO OF HOLY KAABA by f100000713276688