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Pakistan becomes first country to adopt SDGs as its national agenda, says Zahid Hamid

ISLAMABAD:Federal Minister for Law, Justice and Climate Change Mr. Zahid Hamid attended the 19th Sustainable Development Conference at Marriott Hotel. He said, “Sustainable Development Policy Institute annual conference focuses on important issues. The theme of the conference is not only important for Pakistan but for whole region as well.”

He said, “The proper implementation of SDGs can increase the accession to water, food and security. Pakistan is fully committed to 2030 agenda and Pakistan became the first country to adopt SDGs as its own agenda.”

He also informed the audience that we highlighted many policy initiatives in COP-22.”We adopted Climate Change Policy along framework and Disaster Risk Reduction Policy. The Climate Change Act was also highlighted during the COP-22 which is the major development of Ministry of Climate Change,” said the Federal Minister. The world attention was also drawn towards major climate change issues faced by Pakistan in the form of glacier melting, sea intrusion, floods, food and energy security etc.

He also focused on the promotion of Green growth. The green growth requires many structural and technical changes, awareness and capacity building. He also talked about signing of Green Charter to make Islamabad green. This is the first step towards green urbanization in Pakistan. He also highlighted Prime Minister’s Green Pakistan Program to preserve forestry and wildlife in Pakistan.

 The Advisor to Prime Minister on Security and Foreign Issues Sartaj Aziz said, “This is first year after United Nations General Assembly adopted sustainable Development goals. This is the first opportunity to discuss and implement those SDGs. South -South cooperation is important step that can be manifested in China Pakistan Economic Corridor.”

He also said, “ Pakistan is much prepared for 2030 agenda rather than the Millennium Development Goals adopted in 2000. This time SDGs have converted into national agenda. This time we are monitoring how these goals can be implemented and these SDGs have political ownership which is proved as national agenda.”

“Monitoring mechanism adoption will be more helpful through intra-countries linkages and sharing the experiences among them. The importance of Climate issues was to be recognized in SAARC agenda but it was cancelled.” He said.

He further added,” we are resolved to bring world on the path of resilient. SDGs are not only meant for the developing countries but also focus on sustainable path to take all the countries along to realize what damage has been done and what is left to safe it.”

 Sartaj Aziz said, “ Pakistan policy is to trade not aid is more helpful for North- South Cooperation. Investment in development is smartest way to achieve prosperity. Our country is fully committed to development of our peoples, regional cooperation and peaceful neighbors.”

The Ambassador, Shafqat Kakakhel said, “This year outstanding energy experts from China are invited in the conference who will share their knowledge about energy production, conservation and delivery. The theme signifies the landmark of international conference United Nations General Assembly that adopted SDGs to set global agenda from 2010-2030. These goals focused on elimination of poverty, improve maternal health, education for all. This also includes environment issues, gender equality and sustainable consumption and production patterns.”

He said, “ United Nation General Assembly announced that the success of SDGs depends on collaboration at international, national and regional level. Pakistan adopted it SDGs as it National goals.”

The Chief Executive of SDPI Dr. Abid Qayyum Sulehri said, “This year makes difference from previous years. We have seen our government is more concern about the issues and challenges. Many problems are faced cross-national borders like smog was held across Pakistan and India. It is manifestation to hold ideas of cooperation at regional level.”

He said, “ today not only in South Asia but the Whole world is facing many clashes and disturbances as British exit from European Union. Today world is challenged by the many issues i.e. effects of Climate Change, plight of health problems, censorship of media etc. the world seems to be moving towards closed path rather than open one. The shrinking of resources creating more divide between haves and haves not is also the big challenge for the world.”

The 19th Sustainable Development Conference will continue for 3 days and 150 delegates from different countries are participating in this conference at Marriott Hotel Islamabad.