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Game of fishing: Pakistani man catches 51kg Blue Marlin

KARACHI: Fishing adventurer Abdul Hameed Kath created an unregistered record when he hooked a nearly 51-kg Marlin from the offshore waters of Arabian Sea last Saturday on December 3, 2016.

Hameed has been doing fishing into the open sea for years, and as he shares with The News Tribe, it would have been his dream to catch Marlin, a Blue Marlin, which is a rarity in this part of the marine water.

While exclusively speaking to TheNewsTribe, Hameed said, “Alhamdulillah!! Last Saturday, I successfully landed my lifetime dream catch of Marlin.”

“It was a Blue Marlin, which is a rarity in this part of waters. The fish weighed 111.33 Lbs (50.5 Kgs) and was hooked from the offshore water of Arabian Sea, 1.2.3. Continental Shelf (Khadda).”

He further mentioned in a joy that it was 10:42 am when this monster bit the Zuker blue squirt which was tied with his 80 Lbs Daiwa line on the Shimano TLD-50 reel and Daiwa STP 24Kg Rod.

He said that it was so thrilling that the moment it got hooked, it jumped off the water to try to get rid of the hook but luckily due to him keeping the line and drag tightened, it remained hooked.

Hameed played for around 15 minutes, and after these monsters, 2-3 more jumps he landed this dream caught successfully.

Along with this Marlin, his teammate, Yousuf Bhai landed two giant Tunas, weighing 48 Kg and 38 Kg each respectively.

Mr. Kath also caught one Tuna which weighed approx 8 kg and his son Shahzain caught one Tuna of around 3-4 Kg.

The boat captain Mr. Adnan Hussain caught 3 Tunas of around 10-15 kg each. Their boatmen were Dilbot and Qalandari Mama.

Blue Marlin

Abdul Hameed Kath is seasoned finance person and works in a Multinational, Textile Buying House as CFO. He is also a social worker, Ex-President MPF, Ex-President-OMYS and a senior Angler, It’s not first time that he went for a fishing adventure and grabbed success, we can say it a story of more than 20 years.

He has caught almost all kind of salt-water fishes from the inshore and offshore of Arabian Sea.

But this spectacular catch of Marlin is one of the dream catches of his life and in fishing, every angler dreams of catching this fish.

Picture and Video Credit : Khizar Hameed Kath