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Goldberg attacks Brock Lesnar and gets arrested

LOS ANGELES: WWE superstar Bill Goldberg got arrested during WWE Monday Night RAW show when he attacked Brock Lesnar despite the warning from Paul Heyman.

Heyman, who is an American entertainment producer, promoter, advocate and commentator currently signed to WWE, also manages WWE World Champion Brock Lesnar’s affairs.

During the last week show, when Brock and Heyman were both in the ring, Goldberg made surprise entry and stood near the ring, staring at them.

Heyman warned him not to enter the ring or he’ll call the security and have him arrested, but Goldberg tuned a deaf ear.

He entered and stood right in the face of Brock, agile and alert. Heyman disturbed his attention, providing Lesnar enough chance to attack Goldberg.

Goldberg countered Brock Lesnar’s attack with a deadly spear and was thereby arrested by WWE security team.