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Mobilink and Warid 3G daily, Weekly and Monthly Internet Packages

ISLAMABAD: The wait is over; Pakistan telecom giants Mobilink and Warid have finally become a family. Warid customers can now enjoy 3G services as well — in addition to 4G services that they were availing for long.

As it was reported earlier, Warid users can now use the same 3G packages that Mobilink customers are offered.

Now Warid users will have more choices for selecting their preferred data bundles based on their budget and needs.

Not to mention, these new packages will be valid for both 3G and LTE networks, and customers can use these new 3G packages with both 3G and LTE network, based on coverage areas and handset compatibility.

Here are Warid 3G Packages:

Warid customers are offered the following 3G packages:

  • Daily Facebook – 30MB for Rs. 5
  • Daily 3G – 50MB for Rs. 12
  • 3-Day – 100MB for Rs. 20
  • Weekly – 300MB for Rs. 50
  • Weekly Social – 500MB + 200MB for FB/Whatsapp for Rs. 75
  • Weekly – 1,000 MB for Rs. 110
  • Monthly – 1,500MB for Rs. 160
  • Monthly – 2,000MB for Rs. 300
  • Monthly – 5,000MB for Rs. 500
  • Monthly – 8,000MB for Rs. 800

All prices are including taxes.

How to Subscribe:

Warid customers can dial *443# to subscribe to these new 3G packages.

Here are Mobilink 3G Packages:

Daily Lite 3G Package

This package includes price Rs.8, data available 1GB from 3am to 6pm. It is valid for 24 hours. Subscription requires dialing *114*14#. In order to check remaining data, dial *11481482#.

Mobilink Daily 3G Package

This package involves cost Rs.17.93 giving data of 100 MBs for 24 hours. The package has the validity of 24 hours. Subscription requires *117*1#. To check remaining data, dial *117*1*2#.

Mobilink Super Daily 3G Package

It charges Rs.29.88 providing data of 200 MBs. Package is valid for 24 hours. For subscription you need to dial *117*4# and for checking remaining data dial *117*4*2#.

Mobilink 3G 3-Day Package

One 3-Day 3G Internet Package of Mobilink Jazz details are:

Price: Rs.41.83, data: 300 MBs, validity: 3 Days, and for subscription keys are:*117*3#.

Mobilink 3G Weekly Packages

There are two Mobilink 3G Weekly Packages detailed as follows,

Mobilink 3G Weekly Package

Price Rs.71.70, data: 1,500 MBs,validity: 7 Days. To subscribe dial *117*7# and to check remaining data you need to dial *117*7*2#.

Mobilink Super 3G Weekly Package

Price: Rs.119.50, data: 2,500 MBs (Unlimited usage from 2am to 9am), validity: 7 Days

To subscribe: *117*77# and to check remaining data: *117*77*2#

Mobilink 3G Monthly Packages

There are three Mobilink 3G Monthly Packages detailed as follow,

Mobilink 3G Monthly Lite Package

Price: 239 PKR

Data: 2 GBs

Validity: 30 Days

How to Subscribe: *117*31#

Check Remaining Data: *117*31*2#

Mobilink 3G Monthly Heavy Package

Price: 478 PKR

Data: 4,500 Mbs

Validity: 30 Days

How to Subscribe: *117*30#

Check Remaining Data: *117*30*2#

Mobilink 3G Monthly Super Package

Price: 1,195 PKR

Data: 12 GBs

Validity: 30 Days

How to Subscribe: *117*32#

Check Remaining Data: *117*32*2#

Special courtesy: ProPakistani