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ASI publicly tortures youth in Gujranwala: Video leaked

GUJRANWALA: An assistant sub-inspector (ASI) police in Gujranwala publicly assaulted a youth to severe torture on Wednesday.

The incident occurred in Khokharki area where the two men Adeel and Tanveer indulged into a fight, Dunya News reported.

Tanveer who belongs to an influential family called police from Jinnah Road police station.

The police arrived at the scene and while handcuffing Adeel tortured and dragged him publicly.

Later, they took him forcibly to police station.

Police claimed that Adeel was trying to enter someone’s house on which he was arrested but he showed resistance.

However; the notable locals of the area reached police station and reconciled both the parties after which Adeel was released from custody.

A new video containing images of extreme torture on young man by an ASI in Gujranwala surfaces, reports Samaa.

The audacious policeman is seen brutally torturing with fists and kicks the man who is lying on the ground handcuffed.

Video: Samaa