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Qatari Royal Family lands in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Six members of Qatari Royal Family landed on Islamabad airport in the wee hours of Wednesday, learnt from local media.

According to ARY News, six Qatari Royals namely Alkhalifi Jabir Isa, Hamid Muhammad, Abdul Hadi, Almadid Saud Muhammad, Alkhalifi, Abdullah Karim including a British citizen Raye Yar Bahadur landed in Pakistan via private jet.

It is pertinent to mention here thtat PM Nawaz Sharif, in the second hearing of famous Panamegate case against his infamous London property and offshore company submitted an affidavit before the honourable Supreme Court of Pakistan, authored by one Mr. Hamd bin Jasim, member of Qatar’s royal family, claiming that the properties in London were transferred in the name of the Sharif family (in particular Mr. Hussain Nawaz) as part of a business settlement, arising out of concerns that date back to the 1970s.