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Noor to get married for the 4th time!

LAHORE: Noor Bukhari, the renowned Pakistani film star who’s famous for her weddings, is all set to get married for the fourth time now, according to sources.

Debuting as a child star in the mid 90’s, Noor was recently seen in Ishq Positive alongside Wali Khan.

Noor married her first husband Vikram in 2008, but it didn’t work out with him.

She later married film director Farooq Mengal but separated with him four months later.

A few years later, Noor had married Awn Chaudhry and this was her third marriage.

Noor recently revealed her marriage with Wali Khan, and kept it a secret for long saying, “I was waiting for the right time to make the announcement.”

We hear you, woman!

Let’s just hope this one works out for long.

This news originally appeared DailyPakistan