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Kohli caught tampering with ball against England

NEW DELHI: A footage that has surfaced on Tuesday, a day after India won the second Test against England, exposed Indian Test skipper Virat Kohli’s attempts to tamper with the ball using chewing gum in first Test match against England.

The footage, similar to one on which South Africa’s standing captain Faf du Plessis was labeled involved in ball tampering, shows Virat is rubbing the ball with the saliva, having a chewing gum in mouth.

The first Test match between the two sides was drawn.

While, India won the second Test by 246 runs. In the first innings of the match, India had scored m 455 and 204 in the second innings. Whereas, England batted to put together 255 runs in the first and 158 in the second innings.

Kohli has been hit with a controversy after many a praises over a period of time for his batting and performance that has been termed impeccable by different analysts.

The Indian star has had quite successful few years in the recent past.

However, International Cricket Council (ICC) has rejected the ball tampering claim against Kohli stating that the video of Kohli from the Rajkot test was nine days old and thus action could not be taken on it.