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Monal sued for PKR 3 Million for order delay

ISLAMABAD: In an unprecedented case, a Rawalpindi based lawyer, has sued famous Islamabad restaurant Monal for PKR 3 million for the significant delay in serving her order.

Hina Nouman, a Rawalpindi based lawyer filed a petition against Monal after the restaurant failed to serve her order in time that caused her ‘mental agony’ and ’embarrassment.’

In her petition, Mrs Nauman stated that she was visiting Monal with her children and some guests the day this incident took place.

She claims that her order had not arrived even an hour after it was placed. Upon inquiry, the waiting staff allegedly misbehaved with her which led to her being embarrassed in front of her guests, Khabarfeed reported.

Furthermore, she says that even after waiting for over an hour for her food, she was served with the wrong order.

Hina further claimed that the staff at Monal in Pir Sohawa misbehaved with her when she confronted them about this delay.

She then made an effort to contact the manager about this matter but the manager was of no use. In fact, according to Hina, the manager hid his name plate and refused to tell her his full name when she threatened to contact higher authorities.

The court then issued a notice to the restaurant and ordered them to submit a formal reply.

Jamshed Ali Khan, counsel for the restaurant, has blatantly denied all of Hina Nouman’s allegations.

 He has further questioned Hina Nouman as to why she relented to pay the bill if she wasn’t satisfied with her food to which Hina Nouman replied that she needed the receipt as proof to present to a court.

The matter is ongoing and a formal reply is yet to be submitted to the court.