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Donald Trump’s win is As disgusting as his past! – by Haider Rifaat

After a year of campaigning for their respective parties, Donald Trump bagged the 2016 presidential title. However, I was taken aback by the unpredictable outcome of the election. As a Pakistani-American, I refuse to envision Donald Trump as the president of the United States let alone label him as ‘Mr. President’, despite his win. I, for one feel that Americans chose a ruthless, misogynistic liar as their leader. I neither supported nor endorsed both the candidates. Nonetheless, Mrs. Hillary Clinton was evidently more qualified and experienced in spite of her flaws.

Donald Trump’s laughable win demonstrates that many Americans favor racial segregation and endorse his nonsensical agenda to have Latinos and Muslims deported; not to forget his bogus claim to have a wall built in opposition to minorities. Have Americans forgotten what Trump stood for in the past? Have they discounted the scathing remarks he made about women and Hillary Clinton? Have they forgotten the illegal settlements he owns overseas? They elected a man who is incapable of disclosing his tax returns. Is this what America stands for? I suppose Americans are either too smart to elect Trump as their president or are blind folded by his lies of making the U.S. great again. How will he do that exactly?

I am grossly disappointed with most Americans for choosing Trump over Clinton. Clearly, they knew better. Although I disagree with Hillary Clinton on policy, she stood against whatever Donald Trump supported. Voting for Trump is as disgusting as his past. It was unbelievably un-American of the U.S. citizens to vote for an impulsive leader who barely possesses anyqualities to run the nation. One of the reasons why Trump was voted as the president of the United States was on account of the Wikileaks scandal which turned many Hillary Clinton voters against her. Second, the citizens who barely made an effort to vote in view of their unfavorable opinion of both the nominees greatly impacted the outcome. Lastly, the timing of Clinton’s emails scandal was crucial for most nonvoters.

In conclusion, it was prognosticated that Hillary Clinton would most likely win the 2016 presidential race, hands down! However, the unpredictable nature of American voters turned the tables for good. Trump’s surprising win will create a divide among Americans for the first time in history. Never for once was the oval office run by a xenophobic hypocrite who exploited the constitutional rights to his own advantage. Majority of the Americans voted for him, and it goes to show what they truly emblematize; racism and prejudice.