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Smog in Punjab causing Influenza, eye disease

LAHORE: The reign of smog over Lahore and other cities of Punjab has caused influenza, fever and eye diseases.

Number of people from all group ages have been affected by swelling and burn in the eyes, reported Dunya News.

The city has been covered with brownish air due to this smog, and eye diseases are thus on the rise. The eye specialists believe that prevention is the only solution of the issue.

Not only are the eyes being affected by the smog, young kids are also the victims of this excessive smoke and pollution in the atmosphere. Influenza and throat diseases have become common among the residents of these cities. Experts have advised to keep the children away from open air.

On the other hand, the weather experts say that rain is the only way to end smog but wearing masks and sunglasses when in the open may help minimise the effects.