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Video: Imran reasons withdrawal of Islamabad lockdown

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehrik e Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan in an exclusive video message to Pakistani nation urged everyone to reach Parade Ground Islamabad to celebrate ‘Thanks Giving Day’ tomorrow.

He asked all PTI supporters and masses to join his gathering because for the first time in Pakistan history, Supreme Court is going to ‘frisk’ premier of the country.

He urged people of Pakistan attend tomorrow’s gathering along with family members as this is the the high-time for the justice-deprived nation.

PTI lawyer Hamid Khan stated had complete faith in Supreme Court and will accept its inquiry report, but PAT leader Dr Tahri ul Qadri has expressed reservations over Imran Khan’s decision.

PAT leader expressed that the government has always been in the process of playing with every institution.

He revealed that the current Chief Justice would retire in this month and the new Chief Justice would put pursue with his own mechanism and which will take such a long time.

Imran Khan message for his worker by Viral__Videos