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May 29, 2020
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Day/Night Test: Pakistan take hard-fought 56-run win

DUBAI: Pakistan young legspinner Yasir Shah has helped Pakistan winning the nail-biting game with his classic legspin bowling in the last session of final day of landmark Day-Night at Dubai Cricket Stadium, Dubai.

Earlier, a great innings of 116 runs from DM bravo had put Pakistan at bay and West Indies were slowly marching towards victory.

West Indies required less than hundred with 4 wickets in hand and two set batsmen DM Bravo and Jason Holder on crease.

But, a phenomenal flying catch of Bravo on his own bowling from Yasir Shah and then the wicket of Cummins in last moments, brought Pakistan on verge of victory in this Test.

At the last drink break of the match, West Indies still required another 65 runs while Pakistan are only 1 wicket away from a gasping win.
 And then the brilliant fielding effort produces a run out and … Pakistan win their 400th Test in the last hour.
They wrap up WI with two run-outs. Glum faces in the WI change room. Gabriel dives full-stretch but is well short. The square-leg umpire raises his finger and signals the end of this classic Test. Holder shakes his head. Pitched outside leg, quicker, flatter, the WI captain deflects to short fine leg and sprints off, for this is the last ball of the over. Gabriel can’t make it in time. Turns out to be the last ball of the match. Pakistan win this day-night Test with 12 overs remaining in West Indies’ innings