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Indians are proud of being ‘Namak Haraam’ country

LONDON: After labeling Indian Prime Minister Narendara Modi as top criminal in the world, largest search engine Google has now names India as the ‘Namak Haraam’ country.

The latest joke by Google has taken internet by storm. Just go in search bar of the search engine and Google will show India’s tricolour flag.

If you don’t believe it, then try it out yourself.

However, Indian people didn’t take the joke seriously, rather proved that India is also the search result of ‘Namak Halal’ country.


Let us reveal here the secret behind this.

For this, we would needed bit of research.

We tried searching with a Pakistani movie “Khuda kay Liye country” and we found Pakistan as search results.


We then put ‘Lord of The Ring’ Country and ended up getting England’s flag.


So, this proves that Google only showing the results by the movies that belong to the countries.

As we all know, Namak Haraam and Namak Halaal, are famous Bollywood classics.


Here is why India is proud of being a Namak Haraam Country.