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Trump seizes the attention again but not in positive way

WAASHINGTON DC: The frontrunner candidate of Republican Party, Donald Trump knows how to be in in the media. However, whenever it seems that he would be losing his position in the gossip mongering, he reappears in more forceful way. 

Recently, he is back with more controversies, grabbing the attention of the public but altogether not in a positive way.

These past 72 hours, he has made it to the headlines by these controversies,

Starting birther story but not bringing an appropriate end to it, which could be managed by apologizing rather than falsely pronouncing that Clinton started it, and it was he who finished it.

Saying that Clinton’s Secret Service protection should give up their guns and then let’s see what happens to her. He had alluded violence against her many times before. He seemed to have supported for the Second Amendment and criticized Clinton for destroying it.

Calling the former Defense Secretary Robert Gates a clown when he published a critical op-ed on Trump.

He also called the New York Times’s columnist, Maureen Dowd, ‘whacky’ and ‘neurotic’.

All these statements were the headlines in all main newspapers, thus bringing Trump in the spotlight again.

Now all we have to see what the Republican candidate comes up with next time to be in in the news.