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Central Europe threatens to veto Brexit

BRATISLAVIA: Central Europe countries including Poland, Hungary, Czek Republic and Slovakia have agreed to veto any Brexit deal that would narrow their people’s right to work in Britain, reports.

Robert Fisco, the Slovak Prime Minister says, “V4 (Visegrad group) countries will be uncompromising. Unless we feel a guarantee that these people (living and working in Britain) are equal, we will veto any agreement between the EU and Britain.”

As per the details, the European Union leaders gathered at Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. This has been their first summit without Britain in decades which happened in the face of the British vote in June to leave the EU block.

The Slovak prime ministers say that EU has switched from the debate over mandatory quotas to the new principle, ‘flexible solidarity’ in context of migrant crisis. The V4 has resisted the bloc’s efforts regarding introduction of mandatory quotas for migrants and now it has the common interest in safeguarding the citizen;’s rights to work in Britain.

These officials also asserted that Britain may have no access to the single EU market unless it accepts the worker’s freedom of movement which stands there in the EU accords.

London has proclaimed that it is not going to start the formal proceedings till next year. Nevertheless, the British vote has intensified the concerns regarding the existence of EU which was endangered already due to refugee crisis. Recently, Hungary has criticized Germany over refusal of agreement on the number ceiling for migrants entering Europe.