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Exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 burns down the jeep

If you are a Galaxy Note 7 owner, it is now your best chance to take advantage of Samsung’s exchange or refund policy related to the device. Because, care is always better than cure.

Nobody wants to get hurt or even put its own and it’s appliances’ security on stake for a love of a device. Yes, the Galaxy Note 7 has now become a ‘life-threat’ for its users.

Complaints against started out as one or two incidents initially, but this has turned out to be a worldwide recall with yet another Note 7 spontaneously exploding into flames whilst on charge.


There have been many cases reported regarding the explosion of the device while on charging, but the latest in the lot occurred in Horry County, South Carolina, where it was reported that a plugged in Galaxy Note 7 exploded in Wesley Hartzog’s garage.

The incident took place when the house owner left the property to pick his daughter from school, putting the phone on charge. While, returning home, he was stunned to find his house engulfed in flames and emergency services and firefights already on the scene trying to tackle the blaze.


In another completely separate case, as reported by, the owner Nathan Dornacher had his Jeep Grand Cherokee engulfed by fire after a Galaxy Note 7, which he connected on charge in the vehicle ,exploded.

It is pertinent to mention here that, Samsung has announced Galaxy Note 7 recall,  enduring a collective loss of $ 1 billion. Exchange programme for UAE also announced today.