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US announces ‘No Visa Policy’ for Pakistan?

ISLAMABAD: One of the most hot topic on social media these days is the news that United States of America has announced ‘No Visa’ policy for Pakistan.

The news has spread like wildfire on social media and US lovers in the country are already going gaga over it.

But, wait! The news has yet to pass authentication process.

So far, no prominent media organisation has reported the news, besides Dunya News E-paper, and a tabloid news website namely International News Network.



According to the news, United Sates has included Pakistan’s name among those countries whose nationals are privileged not to acquire a Nonimmigrant Visa before traveling to USA under Visa Waiver Program (VWP).

But, after digging into the matter, has learnt that US’ official Visa Consultancy website has not (yet) included Pakistan’s name in those 38 countries who can enjoy the perks of visa-free travel to USA.

Here is the list for our viewers


US Visa Waiver Program

 Moreover, the news has been linked to US Secretory of State John Kerry, but there was no clue found while our correspondent visited Kerry’s official Twitter account and U.S. Department of State.
It is worth mentioning here that Kerry itself does not own any Facebook page anymore.
For Icing on cake, neither Pakistan‘s nor US Embassy websites have any information regarding the speculation.
Nor the Foreign Ministry of Pakistan has given its verdict on the issue.
Yet, despite any conformation, the rumour is going viral among social media users in Pakistan.