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Varun’s old look will make you watch this video twice

MUMBAI: Bollywood’s rising stat Varun Dhawan is unarguably one of the hottest Gen-Y actors of Bollywood. His muscular body and charming face had almost convinced us that he must have always been so fit and handsome.

 But no, we were wrong! We caught our hands at this old footage which tore apart all our fantasies. The below video was a part of the David Dhawan special episode of once popular show, Jeena Isi Ka Naam Hai, hosted by the late Farooque Shaikh. In the episode, close members of David Dhawan’s family were invited on the show, and that’s when Varun made his geeky appearance.

Even after watching it for 5 times, I could not believe that this geeky looking guy is none other than Varun. I would have not believed it even for the sixth time, had I not seen him laugh. His smile is still as endearing as it was then!

Varun didn’t look half of what he looks now. He was a bespectacled ordinary looking boy who used to have short hair, plump cheeks, probably wore braces and had a little paunch. Basically he was a cute kid who could have easily passed off as a commoner. But, life had different plans for him!

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