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Qandeel murder: Phone data puts Mufti Qavi in trouble

LAHORE: The forensic report of Mufti Abdul Qavi’s phones has revealed that the cleric and slain model Qandeel Baloch’s brother were in contact.

According to Neo News, the forensic report suggests that Mufti Qawi was in contact with brother of Qandeel, Arif who resides in Saudi Arabia.

The situation may turn out unpleasant for Mufti Qavi as the father of Qandeel had already claimed that the assassination of his daughter was planned by Arif, reports DailyPakistan.

Reportedly, the forensic report is vindicating that Arif was in touch with cleric over the phone. It is yet to be ascertained about what actually was the role of Mufti Qavi in killing of internet sensation.

The Police are looking into every aspect of the mysterious case and it is likely that the original culprit would be nabbed soon.

Meanwhile, Waseem, the alleged killer of Qandeel is already in Police custody. Mufti Qavi has also assured Police of his full cooperation regarding the investigations.