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Son of former Israeli PM warns Trump about “Incitement”

TEL AVIV: Yuval Rabin, the son of slain Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin who assassinated in 1995, criticized Donald Trump for referring to “Second Amendment people” in a speech and protested that the words that politicians picks can incite violence and endanger democracy.

“Trump’s words are an incitement to the type of political violence that touched me personally,” Rabin wrote in USAToday.

He said that Trump appeals the Second Amendment people (Americans who zealously defend that right and who own firearms) to stop Hillary Clinton. The comments that were criticized, calling people indirectly for violence against Clinton, which later Trump denied.

Yuval referenced his father, Yitzhak Rabin, who in 1995 was shot by an extremist during political tension in Israel resulted by the similar aggressive rhetoric by politicians, and condemn Trump’s hate speech against others.

“More than one commentator in Israel and in the U.S. has pointed to the parallels between Israel in the 1990s and the U.S. today,” he wrote.

“Intentional or not, the Republican presidential nominee is removing confidence in the democratic form of governance. If an election is seen as illegitimate, if those who supported a candidate are viewed as somehow lesser ‘Americans,’ then it becomes acceptable — and even appropriate — to work outside the political system,” he warned.

He continued, “Some critics have called Trump a threat to American democracy. It is not my place to make this claim, and my purpose here is much more limited. But I have been touched by political violence, and have witnessed the environment that led at least one person to believe such violence was called for.”

Rabin warned Republican leaders to repudiate Trump’s rhetoric, “Trump’s words are not just words. They can sow the seeds for something much more sinister.”