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Former husband confesses killing British woman in Pakistan

JHELUM: The former husband of Pakistan-born-British woman, who was murdered in Pakistan on her return to Pakistan last month, confessed Saturday killing her ex-wife.

The man named  Mohammad Shakeel, Samia Shahid’s ex-husband, confessed to the police that he strangled Mrs Shahid to death with her own dupatta.

Samia was killed last month, mysteriously when she returned home to meet her parents living in Jhelum, a city in Punjab province of Pakistan.

Parents of Msrs Shahid were taken into custody and were questionned immediately after the murder was reported.

Further, a local court in Jhelum rejected Shakeel’s bail application while directing the police to arrest and present him before the court, Express News reported.

0Shahid, 28, from Bradford, was strangled to death while visiting her family in northern Punjab last month. Her husband, Mukhtar Syed Kazam, said he believed his wife was killed because her family disapproved of their marriage.

It is alleged that Shahid, had been tricked into travelling to Pakistan in July and killed for divorcing her first husband and remarrying against the wishes of her family.