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Here are five best-selling video games ever!

LONDON: In the race of multimedia, video games industry continues to grow bigger and outdoing both the movie and music industries in terms of annual revenue.

From 1972 the release of Pong on the Atari platform to the Pokémon Go on smartphones, the gaming industry working day and night for advancing technology to give users the enthralling gaming experience.

Comparing the very first video game with the recent one, the development in technology can easily be seen.
According to Forbes, the revenue from gaming industry has been estimated around $74 billion per year.

Despite of the technological advancement, some games remain timeless regardless of what platform they were created for.

Here are top five best-selling games of all the time.

1. Tetris (495 million copies sold)tetris Nintendo |

The game first released in 1984. The game is most popular video game of all time.
It has sold about half a billion copies since its release.

The layout and the graphics of the game is very simple and user friendly. Millions of people from every generation have spent coutless of hours to playing this game.

2. Minecraft (107 million copies sold)

The game was originally created in 2011 by Markus Persson. But later Mojand developed and published the Minecraft.

The game made its creator, Persson, a billionaire with 106.88 sold copies.

The game which is still very popular among the youth, let the player use textured cubes to build and construct the objects in a 3D world.

Minecraft has several activities like resource gathering, crafting, exploration and combat.

3. Wii Sports (83 million copies sold)

Wii sports a multiplayer game, released in 2006 by Nintendo.

It sold 82.78 copies leaving Zelda, Mario, Donkey Kong and all the rest behind.

The game offers five sports experiences: (1-4 players), baseball (1-2 players), golf (1-4 players), boxing (1-2 players) and bowling (1-4 players).

Wii Remote using motion sensor, allow player to have physically active playing experience of the game.

Player have to move the remote in ame’s motion while playing the game in real life.

The game has also won a dozen of awards.

4. Grand Theft Auto V (65 million copies sold)

The game was first released for PlayStation and Xbox 360 followed by PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on November 18, 2014 and Microsoft Windows on April 14, 2015.

The game has two visual options either it can be played as first person or third person.

The whereabouts of the game is fictional San Andreas state, the game follows criminals in their attempt to commit theft while a federal agency chases them.

The player can wander around the country side of the fictional city of Los Santos of foot or in vehicle in Free to Roam Mode.

With the first person or third person visual, player control the first-person throughout as single-player and switch between during and outside the mission.

Online, the multiplayer mode lets up to 30 players explore and engage in cooperative or competitive matches.

5. Mario Brother (40 million+ copies sold)

In 1985, the game was released in Japan for the Nintendo Entertainment System as the first of the Mario series.

The game can be played in one or two player mode.

Mario and his brothers Luigi travels through the Mushroom Kingdom to rescue Princess Toadstool from their enemy Browser.

The game falls into the category of classic as it has entertained old and young through its years of sales, but not the best-selling game on the list.

Courtesy: TRT World / TNG