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Three EASY steps to keep your Android secure

As the flaw “Quadrooter” is making headlines and scaring every Android user around the globe. The flaw, actually, affecting the Android smartphones and tablets equipped with Qualcomm chips.

The ultimate result of these security flaws can give a hacker full control of a device.

If things were done timely it wouldn’t put such a large number of users at risk. There is security patch on its way in September, but the question is… Will it be provided to all 900 million affected devices? It’s only because the carriers and handset makers are standing between the Android owners and updates.

There are three steps to make your device less vulnerable to security threats.

  1. If your device is running on Android 6.0 Marshmallow, then search for an update and install it. If you are looking for an Android device to buy then go for Google Nexus device which gets updates on time and they are always first to get patches and the latest Android as well. As these devices are already unlocked and no carrier in between. If Google Nexus isn’t your choice then choose a manufacturer who promises to keep you update such as; LG and Samsung.
  2. Don’t let the updates heap up, apply the updates. The patches don’t protect you until they are downloaded and applied.
  3. If your Android phone and tablet have received all the updated and receive them no longer, don’t try to install third-party patches or third-party antivirus programs, this is not going to heal the gaping wound.

We can’t guaranty by following these steps your devices will be completely free from any risk but they will help to lessen the harm.

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