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Man suicides on Skype call after break up: Video goes viral

MUMBAI: An Indian young lad, aging between 26 to 30, commits suicide on live Skype call before his girl friend’s eyes.

Heartbroken boy, calls his love interest on Skype and bags her not to leave him alone this way.

But, the girl who probably had made some promises with the guy, now refuses to endorse his love and decides to dump him.

The boy bags her, pleads not to leave him, reminds her of the promises she made, but all in vain.

Citing his failure, the boy finally decides to commit suicide but does not forget to wish her bae a very happy birthday.

The anonymous lover-boy also tells his love-of-life that he will die right there and will leave her alone, for good, as per her request.

The boy says, “my suicide will be a birthday gift for you” and jumps down from the window of his apartment.

Here is the tragic video of the incident:

Love Failure Guy S u-icide On Skype Video Call… by gogle101