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Video: Battery Test of top flagship smartphones in 2016

LONDON: Recently, a battery test was conducted of high-end flagship smartphones of prominent mobile phone competitors, in which this year’s launched devices from Samsung, Apple, Huawei, LG, Sony and HTC were kept into observation.

Samsung’s S7 (3000 mAh) and S7 edge (3500 mAh), Huawei’s P9 (3000 mAh), Sony’s Xperia-X (2620 mAh), HTC 10 (3000 mAh), LG’s G5 (2800 mAh) Apple’s iPhone 6s (1715 mAh) were kept into observation.

All the flagships were hundred percent charged before the test began.

A bunny video was played on a loop with a stop watch for each phone.

The results, were very surprising, as LG G5 with 2800 mAh battery was first to drain within 6h and 31 minutes. While, Huawei’s P9, having 3000 mAh battery also failed to create a mark, dying in just 6h and 51 minutes.

Samsung’s both flagships lasted longer than any smartphone, whereas, Apple’s 6s, to our surprised lasted for more than 8 hours, despite having lesser battery power (1715 mAh) of all phones in the race.

Here is the complete video of Battery Test top smartphones of 2016:


Der Samsung Battery Test 2016 by gogle101